Why are we looking at personality?

A little explanation about our in-house beta personality test

By MatcHub

In a study conducted by Hussian et. al (2011), they mentioned the importance of personality traits for matching the career choices in candidates. Similarly, at MatcHub, we believe in the golden triangle. I always discuss about this golden triangle where we look at personality x passion x job role/ function. I concur with Moorjani et. Al (2007) that “there is a need to provide guidance to new incumbents to choose the right career choice to make their life more successful”.

Actually, this concept should not be difficult to grasp. Even Myers-Briggs Personality Types (MBTI) have mapped out suitable personality types.

If you do a quick google search about career and personality, I can assure you that you will get lots of hits. Now, most of them circle around MBTI – correlating the 16 personality types to different ideal jobs. Here I guide you to another popular personality test – Enneagram. With only 9 different personality types, suddenly it seemed like everyone is like any other person. (That being said, I am not trying to put down the test. It definitely has its merits else it would not be popular and useful.)

The next question points to the reason for our article: What is the best personality test out there that can guide me on my career path?

The truthful answer: I don’t know.

What I know is that there is not one standardized personality test out there that is developed for just job matching. That is one of the main reasons MatcHub decided to develop our own in-house personality test. Working with psychology majors and graduates, armed with validation and feedback from various stakeholders, we tolled through 3 months of hard work and developed our own in-house personality test. Shameless plug here, please try out our beta test here. (This beta test will close on 30 October 2020.)

What we aim to provide is a much more tailored test for recruiters when they consider candidates for the different positions they offer. Above all that, we want to create a safe space where candidates would not tailor their answers to suit the “answers” they feel employers or hiring managers are looking for. As a result, the test is less likely to be abused. (We acknowledge that talents/ candidates might still abuse the test to have a ‘favourable’ result.)

Lastly, I would want to bring your attention to fit. Fit, in itself, sounds fascinating and extraordinary. MatcHub tries to fit talents/ candidates into roles that we feel suit them (as per the golden triangle theory). However, like fixing puzzles, it might be very easy to fit some of the puzzles especially when there are obvious indicators as to where it should go. On the other hand, some of these puzzles have more ambiguous imagery and takes more than one try for you to get it right. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves (and our AI) to make better matches for talents/ candidates and companies.

Last Words

My sincere advice: Keep an open mind. If you use our platform to be matches to an internship you had eyes on, you might as well apply on your own. We might match you to a job role you never would have thought of having. If you keep an open mind wanting to understand more about yourself, you would never know what kind of sparks might fly.

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