What are the best places to look for jobs or internships?

By MatcHub

We all know that the economy is in a recession now due to COVID-19 and Singapore’s unemployment rate inched to an alarming record high of 2.4% in this first quarter. With the worsening labour market conditions, many have exhausted their resources at finding a fresh job and are at their ends. The current climate in the job landscape may look gloomy, but job searching on many diverse platforms will no doubt increase your chances of landing a new job.

Hence, here are some platforms that you can explore to expand your search!

1. Websites



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Browsing through websites that feature job postings from companies is probably the most popular and common route job seekers take to look for a career opportunity. Sure enough, since these websites are targeted platforms specialised in collating job openings from companies, they certainly make the process of job hunting more convenient and streamlined.

Here is a list of some popular job search websites (in no particular order):

  1. Mycareersfuture.sg
  2. JobsDB
  3. STJobs
  4. Startup Jobs
  5. FastJobs
  6. JobStreet
  7. GrabJobs
  8. Indeed.com.sg
  9. Glints
  10. InternSG

Glints and InternSG are especially useful for fresh graduates or students looking for internships. Glints specialises in internships and entry-level jobs with a majority of them from the technology and start-up sector.


2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a channel mainly used for professional networking and gives you the ability to showcase your profile and expertise in your industry. Some recruiters use LinkedIn to search for potential candidates for their company. So, having a well-orchestrated profile on LinkedIn would aid in standing out to future employers. Needless to say, you can follow companies to research more about them and get the latest updates on their developments. This enables you to stay on top of the news and be well-informed should an interview opportunity come along.

Furthermore, you can join LinkedIn groups to meet people of similar interests and professionals in the same field as you. You may never know, these people you network with may introduce a job opening when you least expect it.

Lastly, LinkedIn also has a Jobs page where you can look for jobs near you, similar to the other job search websites. Even better, you can estimate the chances of your success since you are able to see how many people have applied for the job. This way, you can also gauge how attractive and selective the company is. LinkedIn is undeniably an all-in-one channel which you should leverage on.


3. Telegram Channels

Telegram is not just used as a messaging app, it is also a medium for broadcasting information. It is a wonderful space to receive daily notifications on various topics such as food promotions, travel discounts, world news, financial advice and even job postings! Some telegram channels are job and internship listing platforms which will bring you the latest job vacancies.

List of job listing channels (in no particular order):

  1. @sgInternships
  2. @sgCareers
  3. @singaporeparttimejobs
  4. @sgcareers
  5. @JobHitch
  6. @SGparttimers

However, while these channels deliver to you the most current news, one downside is the lack of a filter. Hence, the job listings would include low skilled to high-skilled jobs from a multitude of industries. Nevertheless, the advantages of job offerings brought to your doorstep easily outweigh the drawback of having to filter through the messages by yourself. 


4. Recruitment Agencies

Using a recruitment service comes with its benefits, such as helping you save time in finding a company suitable for you. The recruiter typically examines your portfolio before matching you to a company. On top of that, good agencies would render you helpful advice before your interview based on their knowledge of the employer. Large recruitment agencies will have their reserve of job openings available as major firms frequently approach them in need of a large number of staff. Thus, you can trust them to find a fitting job for you.

List of recruitment agencies (in no particular order):

  1. Kelly Services
  2. 3C Synergy ( specialises in construction, oil and gas, energy and real estate sectors)
  3. Garner International (typically works with reputable MNCs)
  4. BGC Group
  5. Aegis Recruitment

Specifically for students looking for internships, MatcHub is a platform that matches talents with companies using intelligent job matching algorithms. So, be sure to check them out!

While job agencies are reliable in helping you with the job-seeking process, you should not simply sit back and wait for them to secure a position for you. In the meantime, you can still actively continue your search through other channels.

5. Word of Mouth


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Word of mouth is the oldest form of advertising and you can use it to your advantage to obtain information on job vacancies. Before that, for students, you can get referrals from your professors and for working adults, referrals from your employers would aid in boosting your credibility. Next, in the network of friends which you have built over the years from schools to jobs, you can take the initiative to approach your close friends or colleagues to get recommendations on companies that are hiring. They can also potentially connect you to other friends who can further help or direct you. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and reveal that you are on a job hunt! (You can read this article that describes an effective step-by-step word of mouth method to score your next job: https://www.mclellanmarketing.com/2010/11/use-word-of-mouth-to-score-your-next-job.html)

Finally, in the meantime, you can look to upskilling yourself through online courses while on your job hunt. Upskilling helps you to remain employable and boosts your qualifications. The Singapore government implemented SkillFuture to provide Singaporeans with opportunities to further develop themselves. They have several programmes to benefit students and employees both in their early and mid-career. Learning new skills keeps yourself productive and shows your commitment to investing in yourself.

With this, I wish you all the best in your job search and that favourable news will come your way!

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