Virtual Career Fair: Attracting new hires 5 ways to stand out as a company

The evolution of recruiting has become more digital, with the rise of virtual events and career fairs. Employers are looking for new ways to connect with consumers, so virtual events have taken off. While virtual events are great for attracting candidates, they also provide a unique opportunity for companies with limited branding and hiring needs.

Companies always ask: Are virtual events worth it? What to do in virtual events? Do virtual events work?

Through this virtual experience, recruiters can determine candidate fit early on and deliver a more personalized candidate experience throughout the recruitment process. Plus, candidates can gauge companies! You can prepare to log on with confidence before you launch your virtual career fair booth to eager faces. 

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Before Virtual Career Fair

1. Perfect your employer brand before sending your outreach

Candidates these days are more concerned with how their first or second job will affect their future than their last. In order to make sure they’re doing their due diligence, they check out the employer’s reputation.

Explicitly outlining how early talent can make changes throughout the organization, speaking to your mission and goals, and honing in on what key takeaways you want students to get from your virtual activations are essential preparation practices. 

2. Identify what answers your target audience wants to know

Ask engaged students to submit one question they would like answered before the end of the virtual career fair.  Making the most of your day is all about figuring out what your audience wants to learn. You’ll know exactly how to structure your time and make the session more interactive.

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During Virtual Career Fair

3. Empower talent to put their best foot forward

Before the event, map out your strategy and make sure to impress potential candidates by highlighting the company’s best attributes. By researching the interests of your talent pool before the event, you can speak about what your students have identified as important to their career journey. If you want, you can describe how your company wants to empower students to make long-term changes. 

Gamifying the virtual career fair experience is one way you can keep your audience engaged. Brainstorm ideas that will make the student experience at your virtual booth both memorable and useful such as facilitating a virtual scavenger hunt, mini exercises where ambassadors share their virtual work spaces, or trivia boards where students can answer questions to get to know your senior level employees better.

4. Creating a meaningful and lasting impression

In order to gain insight on your company culture, career guidance, and personal development, your audience members look to like-minded individuals. You can ask your current or former employees about their experiences. Since they’ve been in their position, your early career hires can empathize with students and talk about how your company helps budding talent. They let qualified candidates hear directly from the people whose footsteps they want to follow.

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After Virtual Career Fair

5. Continue building and nurturing your qualified connections

If you are looking to continue the conversation with individuals who match your ideal criteria after your virtual career fair, you can refer to the student profiles of the attendees. It’s important to remember that these students have likely met with other employers they might be interested in, so time is of the essence. Contact qualified students a day after the virtual career fair and invite them to connect one-on-one.

As we enter a new, evolving reality in talent acquisition, one thing remains consistent: students want to work for employers that care about them and their careers. Set your company apart from others by showcasing your very best and be one of the first to master the virtual experience.

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