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Rayse Yeo

product management & client success

With a double degree in Business and Economics, it seemed as if I should enter the Finance sector but I was not passionate about it. I decided to keep an open mind and explore other opportunities that suits my personality. As a creative individual with many ideas, I did a marketing internship at a small local firm. But I then realised that marketing was too deskbound and mundane for me.  

I then went into HR which involves more human interactions but then I realised I prefer to be in the front line of the business. Eventually, I found my way to a Business Development role which I enjoyed and excelled at, given my outgoing and extroverted personality. I now want to pursue a full-time career in BD. However, I lack the relevant experience or skillsets in this field. Instead, most jobs that appear on job platforms are related to marketing or HR due to my profile.

That was how MatcHub was conceptualised. I want students to find out what they love and get to their best-fitted industry and role as early as possible. Furthermore, I want companies to find the best-fitted 

Hector Low

software engineering

I am a computer science student. In year 1 during my summer break, I was trying to find an internship to experience working in a software company. I didn’t know much about what I wanted to do at that time and just wanted to land an internship. In the end, I managed to find a role at an engineering company which deals with radio frequency. I thought I would still have the chance to learn about their software. However my role was very engineering related and dealt mainly with product testing and nothing software related. I also realised that it was not possible for me to help out with the software aspect as the programmers in the company were system engineers and I had no skills in that aspect. Thus the internship was quite different from what I hoped for and didn’t really value add to my field of interest.

Hence I find it important that interns are able to find internships that are closely related to their interest and interns themselves should also have some relevant skills required to able to value add to the company.

Vivian Chan

finance & Operations

I’ve always been interested in economics and hence took an economics degree in university, on top of an accounting degree. Yet when it came to applying for internships, I wasn’t very sure how to integrate what I’ve gleamed from economics to my accountancy degree, and to achieve synergy in adding value based on these two areas. Especially considering at a junior level, internships I had access to were either economics or accountancy oriented. With the lack of experience and clarity, I regrettably had to drop my economics degree to make room for other opportunities that came along.
With infinite opportunities and possibilities to make out of our  uni education today, I believe that we can find our ideal career if we focus on the right internships, based on our major, interests and experience.

This is why MatcHub was founded. We want to help students pursue their ideal career by directing them to suitable internships, based on their skills, interests and experiences. We also want to help companies find the right interns, beyond just by their major.

Marcus Phua

Data science

I started with an internship at the Defense Science and Technology Agency, where I worked on projects related to machine learning and natural language processing. I then embarked on the NOC Shanghai program, where I focused on software engineering at a tech startup specializing in unmanned systems. After returning to Singapore, I continued to explore my interests and took on a data analytics internship. Recently, I also worked on projects involving computer graphics and interactive media because of my interests in virtual reality and game development.

The software world is huge and there are so many possible specializations to take. Although the exposure to a wide breadth of topics provided an exciting journey, I believe that it may have been more practical for me to find a niche area of interest earlier. If I could go back in time, I wish I had some sort of clarity about the different paths I can explore and how I can work towards a goal. That would be much better than being a jack of all trades but a master of none.

My vision is to help students identify their interests and career goals at an early stage so that there will be a clearer path for them. 


To create a Global Hub for every student and company to find their best match

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