Taking Initiative to succeed in your Internship

By MatcHub

Being an intern can be
scary sometimes. After a successful interview and waiting for the day of your
internship to arrive, you’re suddenly pushed into an entirely new environment
with new rules and new standards.

Your mentor might give you some tasks to do, which leaves you uttering “Huh, what’s this?”, as you continue ploughing your deep hole of self doubt.

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But being more inexperienced in the office doesn’t mean that you can’t take initiative – in fact, it is something that many employers look out for.

Why take initiative?

When you show your employers that you are capable of working without them having to look after you constantly, it creates a good impression that you are both competent and efficient.

Your mentor might then be willing to give you more ambitious projects to work on! It will build upon your current knowledge and ultimately give you more things to talk about during your next job interview.

Notably, having initiative could be your golden ticket to getting a full time position in the company as well. Since your employers will become aware of your working style overtime, knowing that you are capable of taking action will increase your likelihood by tenfold.

No matter how shy or vocal you are, use these 3 simple tips to develop your initiative today!


1.      Don’t take a Passive Stance


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If you feel like the work you’re given is too little, or feel like things are quite disorganized, what will you do? Sit at home and do nothing, or take action for your own learning?

Not every company is going to have a well laid-out internship programme for you – sometimes they are preoccupied with bigger projects. It is thus important that you try to create opportunities for yourself, in the scenario whereby there are little to none.

Actively ask for work and continue to leverage on it to improve yourself! It might be more work, but it will undoubtedly make you more accomplished in this field.

After all, this is much better than scrolling through instagram for a few hours, right? #BoredAtWork.


2.   Don’t be afraid to Offer Help

It may not look much, but even a small act of helping someone can create a healthier and happier environment and make your superiors look at you in better light.

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Taking initiative can range from helping a supervisor with some administrative tasks, or sharing an idea during a meeting. Sounds simple, right?

But according to a study done by the Singapore Kindness Movement, one in four young people are said to be too embarrassed to show kindness to others. Many respondents are afraid of being mocked or looking stupid and therefore steer away from helping others.

While rejections can be cruel at times, don’t let this stop you from showing kindness in the workplace. There will definitely be some who won’t need assistance, and that’s totally fine, but there will also be those who would really appreciate your help!


3.   Share opinions, but don’t overstep boundaries


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What’s better than having ideas? More ideas! If you have an idea that you feel confident about, be vocal about it at the next meeting! Or if you still feel incapable of speaking to a large group, try to share it with your supervisor and see what they have to say about it.

You can be really passionate about your idea, but remember to maintain a calm composure and remain respectful. Don’t lash out at a senior for not understanding your point of view, or push your opinion until it sounds like a heated argument.

In the end, your well intentioned gesture might turn its back against you.

Therefore, even when you feel bouts of frustration or anger, be calm and collected when you speak. Your seniors may even end up appreciating your professionalism.


The Wait Is Over

With COVID-19, Virtual Internships are now on the rise and it is ever so crucial now that you take initiative. With telecommuting, people can often be easily forgotten. Make your presence known and constantly communicate with your seniors.

If you’ve been the type of person to wait for work to do, the wait is over.

You have most likely spent hours crafting the perfect resume, looking at job openings and practicing for interviews – don’t waste this precious opportunity that you gained! Constantly seek improvement and be the best version of you!



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