My experience being a part of the MatcHub family

My experience being a part of the MatcHub family

“Be brave, take risks; nothing can substitute experience”, is the motto of Rayner, one of the many talented employees at MatcHub. This motto stuck with him as he applied for a job at MatcHub. As we talked to him, he shared his motivations for joining MatcHub as well as some anecdotes from his time working with us.

Why did you join MatcHub?

I started at the end of November 2021 as a software developer, mainly performing front-end web development. I joined because I wanted to improve my software engineering abilities by learning new technologies and best practices while also getting a taste of the startup atmosphere.

What do you do at MatcHub?

My work mostly includes maintaining and implementing new features, on the front-end side of the product. React, SCSS, Material UI, TypeScript, and Git are among the technical abilities I use in my work daily. Prior software engineering expertise, as well as soft skills such as communication while working with the rest of the team, are all skills and knowledge that have come in handy for me when I am doing my work. I really enjoy creating beautiful user interfaces and developing clean, legible code! Some of the tasks I appreciated were refactoring components and methods to make them reusable and increasing the app’s mobile responsiveness. Technology is always expanding and changing in the IT business, so being in an atmosphere where I can learn new things with other like-minded people is really beneficial to me as a software engineer, only at the start of my career.

What is something you are proud of achieving during your time here?

The platform was not totally mobile friendly before the start of my internship because several components were not created to adapt to mobile sizes. After a few weeks of hard effort, the other interns and I were able to make the site completely responsive and usable on mobile devices. Introducing a loading spinner for many states, adding empty states for screens with no data, and standardizing font sizes and font kinds across sites were some of the other modifications I made that I thought were critical to enhancing the UX.

What did you overcome?

Working through merger conflicts was one of the issues I faced when many pull requests for new features were granted in rapid succession. It took a lot of deliberation and conversation with the other developers to guarantee that the right and most up-to-date code was retained. However, I gained a better understanding of the distinctions between mergers and rebases as a result of this experience.

What did you enjoy during your time with MatcHub?

I had a great time hiking from the Labrador Park MRT station to VivoCity. It was a fantastic bonding experience, and I learned a lot about the other interns! In addition to that, I also enjoy the flat organizational structure in the company, which allows each employee to have a significant effect and contribute. I really appreciate how pleasant everyone is and how many activities are scheduled to ensure that MatcHub members get to know one another outside of work. The Christmas party (which I was only allowed to attend online) and the hike were two of my most unforgettable experiences!

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