I regret what I’m studying and I can’t see myself in this career - what should I do?

By MatcHub

Suffering from regret is part of life, and more often than not, this unpleasant feeling could strike us from anywhere.

One particular and more common seed of regret stems from our career choices. A study conducted shows that 32.5% of millennials regret what they had studied in University.  


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“What if I had chosen this course instead?” 

You might bemoan, as you feel that your career choice has become like an irreversible stain. That there’s no way you can ever be removed from it.

But all these thoughts are often counterproductive, and will make you feel even worse about yourself. If you are feeling deep regret or are constantly stuck in the “What Ifs”, scroll down to discover how you can get out of this painful and endless loop of regret!

#1: Keep an Open Mind  


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One of the many reasons why people often feel regret is because of a fixed mindset. That A leads to B and there’s no other way around it.

Keeping an open mind will help you realize that A could lead to B, and C, or even D. What you are studying in school will not automatically translate to what you will be in the future. A study by CareerBuilder shows that 47% of college degree holders worked in a job unrelated to their field. That’s nearly 1 in every 2 persons

At MatcHub, we frequently invite recruiters from specific industries to talk about the recruitment process. The majority of them emphasised that they are open to hiring people of different majors. 

The most important thing is to be your authentic self – if you show employers that you are willing to work and can be a good team player, they’ll definitely want to take up the opportunity to train you as their own.

#2: Try things beyond your major 

The break in between semesters is a great time to try out internships! It would be even better if you venture beyond your major and try out something new.


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Sometimes, companies are very accepting of interns who have no experience in the field. They include phrases like “good qualities trump technical skills and grades” or “you just have to be fearless and bold when communicating”. 

With good interpersonal skills, you will find yourself open to many more opportunities. Because at the end of the day, employers are looking for someone who can communicate and cooperate well. 

But what if you’ve only realized once you have graduated? Isn’t it too late to gain internship experience? 

Don’t beat yourself up too much, for many fields do not require a specific degree to be successful. Moreover, you will do most of the learning on the job. Things that you learn in school will only make up a small proportion of the overall experience.

Learning is also meant to be a lifelong process, and doesn’t have to stop the moment you graduate. Take up online courses, or use your SkillsFuture credits to expand your skills!

Switching industries is common, but not as easy as it seems. Hence it is also extremely important that you start networking, to know people from different industries. They might be your golden ticket to getting a job in a field of your interest.

#3 Speak with Career Counsellors


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Occasionally, telling yourself that things will get better isn’t good enough. Regret is like little ripples of water in the ocean – an endless back and forth of what you have done. You constantly desire to go back in time to rectify the mistake, but the reality is that it isn’t (scientifically) possible.

To relieve some of that remorse etched deep inside of you, try to seek a career counsellor and let them help you. 

As their title aptly describes, career counsellors are meant to help you figure out your career path. They might open up fresh perspectives you have never thought of, and open up options you didn’t know existed. 

Career counsellors could also help clarify misconceptions you have about certain careers and identify your shortcomings. It is important to rectify these so that you can increase your attractiveness to employers.

You basically will have someone to do the figuring out with you, doesn’t that seem nice?

Be a boat against the current

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Rather than wishing to go back in time, start thinking of what you can do to change your future today. It is important to remember that you are capable of choosing what you want, and how you want to live your life.

At MatcHub, it is our mission to ensure that every student will discover their passion. We increase your opportunities by looking beyond your major, and find your best fit based on personality and skills. Register with us today to find unlimited possibilities and make your dream career a reality!

What really matters are you and your interests, are you ready to secure that dream job today?

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