How I Found Myself in the World of Web Development

Rui Yi found web development to be fascinating as it gives him the opportunity to create functional applications, so he wanted to learn more about it. He wanted to acquire skills that would be useful to him in the real world.

“I am grateful for the opportunity I had during my winter break to gain more experience in the industry. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and I felt like I belonged right away. In my role as a front-end developer, I was responsible for fixing existing and new bugs, adding features, and styling the platform.”

Screenshot of Platform on Mobile (Photo: Rui Yi)


As we talked to Rui Yi, he let us into his life a little – about the motivations behind joining MatcHub and what he loved about MatcHub.


Watching things come to life

Even after having studied at NUS for a semester, I was still a little unsure about how web apps work. How do you integrate the frontend and backend? How does each component interact with the other? And how do you deploy an application? Hence, I was extremely grateful when I was able to do a software engineering internship with MatcHub last December.


During my time at MatcHub, I realized that the majority of the questions I had initially was answered in the course of my work, and this was a good introduction to the world of web development. This exposure helped me to better decide what I wanted to specialize in in the future.


Breaking down and understanding the codebase was probably the toughest thing I did at MatcHub. As an inexperienced newcomer, I was overwhelmed by the massive and foreign codebase at the beginning of the internship. I wasn’t sure how the different parts work together and had trouble navigating and completing tasking. However, I managed to overcome these challenges by seeking help from the other interns and also learning from the git commits they made. I’m glad that I was able to contribute and complete mini-tasks in the end!



Motivational mini-breaks

It was a pleasure working with such talented interns! Work was delegated quickly and tasks were completed in a timely manner. Overall, I enjoyed working for MatcHub!We had mini breaks fortnightly, which might seem counterintuitive to productivity. However, the mini-breaks made the week feels shorter and more enjoyable. In my opinion, this will boost productivity on the other working days as well.

Not to mention, the trekking activity we had was all that memorable as well! During the company trekking event, I got to know my colleagues better and forged stronger bonds with them.

Team bonding trek at Southern Ridges (Photo: MatcHub)

Fostering Friendships through Work

I was impressed by the fact that MathHub places huge emphasis on its culture which I appreciated As a general rule, I try to define my work as work and think of my colleagues as colleagues Furthermore, with the new normal, it is difficult to socialize with my colleagues. Yet MatcHub made the extra effort to build strong friendships even though we worked from home. This created a good company culture where people are more friendly and sincere towards each other.  Despite the fact that I was physically distant from everyone, I felt included.


Thank you MatcHub!

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