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Amanda Lee Marketer, Intern

I was really confused with what I want to do. I study engineering but was not very keen on being an engineer. I found MatcHub (then and found an amazing match to my current job and industry!​ I really enjoy marketing and MatcHub having looked at my personality - telling me that I probably do suit a role that requires me to be more creative and actively thinking - and matched me to a makerting role. Although it took more than one internship to realise what industry I liked and preferred, it is amazing that MatcHub helped me through my first internships and guided me to the right path!

Mary Tan MatcHub User

I’m a FEMALE in engineering and sometimes things can get hard because it is indeed a male dominated field. When I went for one of my interview, they realised that I was a female and without interviewing me, they told me that they are looking for male candidates. Nowhere in their application did they write this nor they had the courtesy to explain to me why I might not be able to carry out this job better than a male. Even though I know that equality is something that is highly emphasised in the job scene, I was taken aback by the lack of equality in this companies (and others as I have heard similar stories). Matchub boasts of equality through their matching and I am really glad that others will not have to go through what I have gone through!

Morris Seet MatcHub User

I honestly thought I was able to go through 4 years of Chemical Engineering easily but it didn't. I do not really know what I want but I know what I do not want which is a boring engineering job. You see, if you don't like something, no matter how many times you tell yourself it's gonna get better, it's not. I think I am still finding out what I love by doing unconventional things like making vlogs & researching on my ideas. I am glad MatcHub gave me a chance to explore creative jobs!​

ChaeYeon Successful MatcHub Matched Intern

I’m a year 2 student looking for a summer internship. Sometimes finding internship/jobs can be time consuming because you read through the job description, really interested in taking it up only to find out in the end that you don’t match what they are looking for under their requirements. I really do wish someone can help you increase the number of opportunities for you by matching you to those that you will qualify for instead of sitting there wondering if you should give it a try. This will also help save some time for companies as they will receive better batch of applicants that truly match their requirements. You’ll never have to feel that you under- or even over- qualify for a job.

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