For Employers

Hire only the best-fit talents for your company.

Screening hundreds of CVs is time-consuming, not to mention, might not even be rewarding. With MatcHub, you will only receive relevant and quality profiles.


Discover Hidden Gems

Holistic assessments allow for authentic applications for the whole individual – look beyond one’s major and background.

Reduce Hidden Costs

With only top candidates recommended, job ads, job fairs, long and tedious screening process are a thing of the past.

Customise Your Own Evaluation Criteria

Customizable screening criteria allows companies to input specific traits they look out for- enabling Matchub to identify the right candidate.

Focus on the right people

Breeze through Hiring Process

Matchub’s intelligent job matching algorithm empowers employers with a systematic, curated list of student profiles that best match your given criteria.

No HR, Legal, and Administrative Hassle
Analyse candidates beyond the resume with holistic profiling
Candidate Recommendations by AI System & Dedicated Consultant
Breeze through hiring process

Companies We Work With

Improve your hiring strategy with MatcHub.

Build strategic teams affordably and hassle free. Our candidates are also open to virtual and remote work. 


To create a Global Hub for every student and company to find their best match

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