Do What you Love: The Deep Dive into the Tech Industry

By MatcHub

On 22nd July, MatcHub had the privilege of having three distinguished speakers to share their experiences with the recruitment process:

  • Swetha Sunder: APAC Recruiter, Salesforce
  • Cheng Lei Lim: Customer Success Manager, ex-University Recruiting Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Clarice Lan: APAC Talent Coordinator, Netflix

Our speakers shared many insights regarding the industry, with valuable tips that will help you stand out as a candidate. However, amongst all the technical aspects in this deep dive, the core value still remains: to do what you love.

This is also closely aligned to our mission at MatcHub – to help every student out there pursue a career that they will love.


Therefore, if you are genuinely interested to join the tech industry, here’s 3 important application tips you need to know!

The Winning Profile


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There are hundreds upon hundreds of Linkedin profiles that recruiters have to look through, what kind of profile should you create to capture their attention?


Cheng Lei (Microsoft) believes that a LinkedIn profile offers a multitude of opportunities and can be to your advantage when done right. The most important thing amongst all your accomplishments and experiences is to bring out your character.

Here are some things he recommends!

       Pick up a custom URL: it’s easier to remember

       Headline: choose an interesting one-liner that reflects your passion and excitement

       Summary: Think about it as a 30-second pitch of who you are and what are your experiences – you need to be sharp with your wording to get people to read on

       Don’t just include internships, cover the projects you have done as well: attach articles, videos or images as it’ll provide potential employers a good overview of your abilities. From programming languages that you know or coding competitions you have participated in, put them all in!

       Choose a good photo: your profile picture doesn’t necessarily have to come with a solid background, it can be fun and interesting!

Apart from helping you stand out as a candidate, a winning LinkedIn profile can also help your employer to contact you about the role you are suited for. This sentiment was resonated by Cheng Lei during the webinar:

“A good LinkedIn profile will help us learn more about you and the roles you fit, and you will be able to discover if it is a career that you would want to pursue.”

Celebrate your Achievements

A CV is a standard one-page summary of yourself and your experiences. It may seem simple due to a standardized format, font and font size, but it is paramount that you write it well and use it to your advantage.

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Swetha (Salesforce) discussed the aspects of a CV often ignored by many candidates, especially the sections focused on interests and skills.

“Show what kind of person you are with your interests,” shared Swetha, “It will let us know of your culture and beliefs – it will be a bonus if it reflects something that aligns with the company’s values too!”

That human touch will definitely set you a step ahead, but according to Swetha, what will really take you far are your achievements.

When writing a CV, no time should be wasted on appearing humble and modest. Like a canvas, celebrate it with vibrant colors like your coursework, designs made in school and codes you have created!

As Swetha aptly puts, the best way to show it is through a master document – a well-organized document akin to a portfolio. Be strategic about what you want them to see and align it closely to the role advertised. This will keep your document more clear-cut and less chunky.

The Strength To Be Vulnerable

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Entering the tech industry doesn’t mean you have to act and sound like Sophia, the AI Humanoid Robot. Your employers aren’t going to be expecting you to be the perfect human, or expect you to come up with succinct solutions to difficult problems.

Clarice (Netflix) concurs that being imperfect can actually serve you well in the interview process!

“It takes courage to admit your shortcomings and lack of experiences, and that’s what interviewers want – to know the authentic you.”

Expressing your weaknesses can help to build strong rapport and connection with your interviewer, rather than creating a false narrative that may affect your credibility in future.

However, your interview shouldn’t be flooded with your flaws either – that’ll defeat the purpose. Rather, talk about areas where you feel will require more time or improvement. Clarice recalled an interview she had, where she addressed a steep learning curve as her area of concern.

The strength to be vulnerable may sound ironic, but it will be the aspect that will make you different from the rest and set you up for success!

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life

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If you are confident that this is the industry of your choice, exhibit your passion and remember that there will be a group of equally motivated people out there waiting for you!

All the speakers stressed on the importance of researching the culture of the company of your interest – to assess a company and culture fit.

Cheng Lei shared about Microsoft’s mission that resonates with him – to make Microsoft a platform to pursue passion. Whereas Clarice pointed out an example of Amazon’s 14 Leadership Attributes – to get a gist of what values a company upholds.

It is therefore a good idea to start researching the companies that you want to work for. What kind of values do they uphold? What’s the working environment like?


Because of Salesforce’s “Ohana Culture”, Swetha excitedly shared that she wakes up excited to work every day.

“The Leaders are understanding of our workload and personal needs, and there’s a very inclusive culture with diversity and inclusion being a hot topic. The company also provides a great platform to learn and unlearn, along with peers who support me.”

So remain optimistic, come as you are, and this could be your future! If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a single day for the rest of your life.

At MatcHub, we too believe doing what you love – our motivated team will identify your strengths and capitalize on areas you can improve in for you to reach your career aspirations. So, if you’re looking for an internship to unleash your passion (like tech), register with us today, it’s free!


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