Beta Launch
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As we prepare to launch MatcHub, the AI-powered platform designed to match students to suitable job roles, we would like to invite you to be our first Beta users to try out the platform! We will be running operational and stress tests on the platform during this period.

Our development and operations teams will review all data submitted and feedback received during the Beta Launch. If you have any concerns, check out our privacy policy. We hope you'll take part in this launch, share your feedback, and help us make this platform the best it can be.

Why MatcHub?

With our AI-powered platform, you can create unique job experiences and find the best-fit candidates.

Have you ever felt lost and uncertain about your career path? Having trouble deciding which industry to pursue or which role to get? What about if you're not sure what you should major in or what you should specialize in? Want to work in a certain field, but lack experience, so you can't land related jobs?

Are there any opportunities you'd like to have? We've got jobs in Singapore and remote work for companies in other countries!

Wait, what are you waiting for?

Increased Opportunities

Don't limit yourself to your major or specialization. Find out which industries and roles you're passionate about based on your personality, experience, and skills.

Breeze through hiring process

Receive Feedback

Why aren't companies responding? You'll get tailored advice from MatcHub on how to polish your resume, sharpen your skills, and land your dream job.

Holistic Profiling

Unlimited Possibilities

An assessment and recruitment process that works for you - allowing you to be more targeted and accelerated in your job search.

Be the right fit

Find The Right Fit; Be the Right Piece

With Matchub's AI tools and personality & workstyle tests, we create a personalised profile report that’s fair to all applicants. 

Be part of MatcHub's Beta Launch

Thank you for your interest in the Closed Beta Launch for MatcHub. Because this Beta Launch is going to be MatcHub’s first step, users may encounter various bugs and issues. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience these might cause and thank you for your interest in participating.

Why be a Beta User?

Rayse Yeo
CEO, Co-Founder

This Beta Launch is the first step to MatcHub becoming the platform where candidates and companies find a good match.

We've limited the content for the Beta, and some features won't be available yet. Because of this, users might feel like the platform is a little barebones. I hope you get that we will be prioritizing launching the platform's core features first. That way the platform can function properly as an AI-powered job matching platform. From there, we'll add more features based on how the Beta Launch goes.

Seeing as this is the first beta launch for MatcHub's platform, testers may run into various bugs and issues. Our apologies for any frustrations these may cause, and thanks for your interest.

Development and Operations Team
MatcHub Team

I'm glad you're interested in the MatcHub beta.

We've been working on MatcHub's platform for quite some time, and we are finally ready to show it off to a select audience. During this Beta launch, we'll focus on the core aspects of MatcHub's platform--and, to be completely honest, it won't be intuitive or the smoothest user experience.

As a result, we'll get to the point where you'll be able to find your right fit for jobs with your help in this early phase. I promise you that. To us, the Beta Launch is a vessel for our "companions" on this odyssey.

Please consider taking part in the Beta Launch!