Benefits of joining a Virtual Career Fair

It takes time and gumption to find candidates who are a perfect match for your skills gaps, company culture, diversity goals, and business vision. Recruiters are always on the move to find the best talent, so sourcing top candidates isn’t as simple as posting a job or hosting a physical recruitment event (although that would be pretty nice). But… a virtual career fair can help!


Employers can ace staffing with virtual career fairs while keeping talent quality, cost and hiring targets high. Fairs are notorious for challenging employers, so here are a few standard dilemmas:

  • Connecting job seekers with employers under one roof
  • Rentals, logistics, administrative planning, and event management can be expensive
  • A manual sorting and shortlisting of resumes by hiring managers leads to inefficient talent acquisition
  • A challenge in marketing and attracting qualified prospects to the career fair
  • Limited tools for sharing content that bores attendees
  • Insights about event ROI and overall effectiveness are not measurable and real-time

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We will have to adapt as well as the times change. Let’s look at some of the good points of Virtual Career Fairs together!

Advantages of Virtual Career Fair

1. Higher visitor attendance

You can register and access the event online from any mobile or desktop device. The absence of travel and time restrictions (compared to physical events) encourages higher participation and attracts passive and active candidates. This will also lead to you building a good pipeline of candidates. When employers, like yourself, gain access to well-rounded candidates, you will have impressive prospect databases at the end of the event.

Because of this, it is very important to understand your virtual career fair’s audience. Are they coming from different schools? What’s their background?


2. Easier exchange of information

Virtual career fair features enable companies to share videos, photo galleries, FAQs, brochures, and more to show off their company culture, eschewing the need for marketing materials.

Moreover, attendees can email these resources to themselves for further sharing and review, making the event highly informative without a carbon footprint.


3. Employer branding that works 

Companies can design their own booths, and the virtual event looks and feels like their physical events. Booths may come with high-resolution avatars for each staff member, as well as tabs for sharing video content, documents, job openings, company overviews, and even chat – this also showcases a little about your company culture!

You can also use your unique personality to stand out from other companies and recruiters. Do you know that when you pair jobs with video content, you would get 36% more applications?

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4. Safe live chats – unlimited even!

Long lines at booths and overcrowded event venues can drive talent away. Booths at virtual career fairs have chat features that make finding a job easier.

“Networking lounges” can also give staff a chance to communicate with attendees on a broader scale, or give guests a way to connect securely with booth representatives and ask questions in real time. Also, recruiters can use it for quick interviews to screen candidates right away.

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5. Done in a jiffy

Get rid of months of event planning, stressful coordination woes, and tearing your hair out securing food and beverage, electricity and venue rentals. Virtual career fairs save time; they can be set up within weeks rather than losing valuable time putting together a hiring solution with high risks and unnecessary costs.

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6. Fast, effective marketing

It’s hard to get the word out about recruitment events. Newspaper ads and marketing materials add up to be a huge burden on an organizer’s budget.

Using virtual career fairs for pre-event marketing streamlines pre-event communication by utilizing email marketing, social media campaigns, and landing pages for easy registration to boost promotion and attract visitors.

Key Lessons

When it comes to planning and executing career fairs, hosts face unique challenges. Lack of functionality can sabotage recruitment instead of making it easy.

In addition to being able to offer a global audience of thousands of people, virtual events can offer brilliant marketing, cost and time savings, engagement, marketing, and distraction-free communication. When it comes to getting great hiring results, you can’t underestimate the power of a virtual career fair.

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