6 Important Lessons: Tips and Tricks to Getting Hired

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The fast moving consumer goods industry (FMCG) is a highly competitive and niche one. Some of these companies include Unilever, L’oréal and Coca Cola. Their consumer goods sell quickly at a relatively low cost and hence, have a short shelf life due to high consumer demand.

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These companies tend to offer many enriching internships and work experience programmes which are beneficial for your career progression. This means potentially converting to a full time employee or even landing new opportunities elsewhere. However, we all know how challenging it is to stand out among numerous talented candidates. This is compounded by the tedious recruitment process consisting of several stages. At Unilever, their hiring process includes an online application, gamified assessment, digital/video interview and finally, an assessment centre. At L’oréal, their process consists of an online application and interview phase with possibly quantitative tests and group assessment centres. Thus, here are some tips and tricks to stand out among your peers as shared by Shayne Ng and Syahirah Osman, both working in FMCGs, in our recent webinar.

Be clear of your goals and purpose

Always be sure and confident of your goals and purpose. Why do you want to join an FMCG company? What can you do for this company? What do you hope to achieve in your time there? A clear purpose will be your beacon in testing times. The FMCG industry has a highly demanding environment where one needs to be resilient and adaptable. The diverse and hard-to-predict factors in the demand and supply chains make it an ever-changing field. So, it helps to have a firm sense of purpose to keep you going. Finding meaning in what you do allows you to form a deeper connection with your work. With your goals in mind, you can also set your milestones. This assists you in staying on track even when you have to take detours occasionally.

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Furthermore, having goals and objectives makes you more attractive. A company will always warmly welcome a self-directed worker: one who knows what they want to bring to the table  and wishes to grow the business together with them. Additionally, knowing your unchanging goals enables the company to engage you effectively. They will understand how to invest in your training, education and professional future. This eventually helps your career progression.

Having a purpose is beneficial for both parties in the long term. Therefore, be sure of your objective and keep it in mind when you apply for an FMCG company. This will undoubtedly distinguish you from your peers.

Show your passion

With a sense of purpose, passion then drives you towards your goals. Do not be afraid to highlight your passion and enthusiasm during the video interviews or assessments. Ask questions if you are unsure or curious about anything. Speak up and voice your opinions. Go the extra mile. Hiring managers will recognise your genuine efforts. Of course, showing your eagerness and spirit in an unfamiliar environment is daunting. However, it tells your future employers that you are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone to pursue your passion.

What else can you do? Our speakers mentioned making a website or an introductory video to include in your CV. MatcHub recommends passion projects to help you stand out too! Do check out our Instagram page for some projects you can embark on to develop your interest.

Being passionate about the job indicates you will be more invested and motivated in your work. Employers love that. When recruiters see that you are committed to the job and that you are not applying for the position for the sake of it, it leaves a lasting impression. Spirit and passion are emotions that will convince employers of your determination and suitability for the job. So, do not be shy and show your genuine interest! (Albeit please do not be tactless and go overboard in your actions. It is important to read the room too.)


Be prepared

Finally, it is important to always be prepared. Also, you must have a comprehensive understanding of what FMCG companies do, the nature of work you are applying for, and upcoming trends in the market. Do your research on the company thoroughly. Find out the latest business developments in the company, their newest products, the company’s vision and mission, their consumer outreach,etc -all this information should be at the back of your mind before you even step into the interview room. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Possessing the fundamental skills and knowledge is a given, so make sure to do your due diligence.

On top of these, you can consider your answers to common interview questions and even come up with some thoughtful questions for your interviewers. 

Being prepared allows you to feel calmer and more collected during the interview. You will exude greater confidence when you have the required knowledge at the tips of your fingers. Prospective employers can tell from your answers and demeanour if you have put in the effort. Therefore, always enter the battlefront well-equipped and with the right mindset. That is the winning strategy.

Being your Authentic Self

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When we talk about being your ‘authentic’ self, we don’t mean outrightly speaking your mind like telling people “I don’t like you” or “your bag is ugly”. Being your authentic self means connecting with others in a genuine way and knowing how to bring out the best of you.

As mentioned by Syahirah during the webinar, being authentic will set you apart from others. Regardless of whether it is a physical or online interview, the energy and passion you express will not go unnoticed!

Apart from impressing your potential employers, being your whole self can also be beneficial to you:

  • Creates stronger relationships
  • Improves productivity and performance
  • Greater job satisfaction

But what if you’re a shy, introverted person? Not to worry, expressing your true self doesn’t necessarily mean having to be loud and vocal. Shayne recalled a time when a shy and quiet candidate had left a positive impression on her – when L’oreal was reviewing video submissions from applicants.

“She shared [in the video] how she was a little shy but since she really wanted the job, she stepped out of her comfort zone to record and submit the video. It may seem like nothing for extroverts, but it exemplified a lot of courage from her.”

Employers aren’t demanding for the perfect candidate who is good at everything. They acknowledge your flaws, but ultimately, they want someone who can be honest and open minded.

Only then, will they be willing to take a bet with you!

Inner Game & Outer Game

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“Inner Game” and “Outer Game” is often referred to as a game application technique in sports, to help a team overcome self-imposed obstacles and access their full potential.

But it doesn’t have to just apply to that field. As specified by Syahirah, “Inner Game” and  “Outer Game” are important aspects in the recruitment process to determine a good fit.

The inner game refers to your ability to deal with new changes and trends, and how you can take on new challenges and leverage upon them. Whereas the outer game considers your functional knowledge and your understanding of the industry you are drawn to.

It is important to be aware of our own inner and outer game, as it will help to bring out your best attributes and enhance your ability to contribute. Syahirah draws an example for this:

“For example, in the FMCG industry, you should always have your consumers in mind in every process. When applicants talk about consumer centricity, it shows us how forward thinking they are.”

A response that proves your understanding of an industry’s core values, coupled with a versatile personality would definitely help you shine. So start building up your confidence and doing your industry research today!

危机(Wei Ji) – Danger

With the COVID-19 Crisis this year, we have been constantly bombarded with bad news. There have been articles on the poor economy, and how some graduates are struggling to land their first job.

Shayne brought up a chinese phrase which she believed encapsulates the current situation very well – ‘危机 (wei ji)’. It is indeed a period whereby pessimism has overwhelmed our society, and many people are in fear of losing out on the opportunities that once existed.

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While ‘危 (wei)’ describes a time of danger in the midst of uncertainty, Shayne encourages us to focus at the second character ‘机 (ji)’ – derived from 机会 (ji hui), which means opportunity and chance.

“No matter how hard it is this current year, it will get better and there will definitely be opportunities.”

Despite all the negativity and hopelessness surrounding you, it is imperative that you remain optimistic. Fear will only encourage and multiply negative thoughts. Therefore, no matter how many setbacks you face, treat everything as a learning point – you will get there!

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In conclusion, know your sense of purpose, exude your passion and be prepared. With this combination, you will ooze confidence and stand out from your peers. No way your employers can ignore you! So, keep all this in mind for your next interview and all the best.

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