3 Unique Virtual Team Building Ideas for Remote Teams 2021


There goes the days of physical team building activities like a game of bowling or Jenga with your colleagues. It’s time to move on. What does your list of team building plans look like right now? Are they fit for the remote work culture now?

A good team building plan will place just the right emphasis on: proper communication and a shared team identity. Communication should be encouraged at the right time to ensure each member understands and relates to one another better.  The increase in time spent looking at screens would also mean that we experience fatigue more often than before the new default – remote working. That being said, it is important to pick the right virtual activities and keep them short. Anything too long a duration would only wear your employees out.

The virtual team building segment you decide for your team will determine the workplace culture in the eyes of your employees and engage them in your own unique way. Read up on which corporate culture would fit your team demographics best here.

For more than a year, we have been turning to well-received sites with games like Skribbl.io to catch up with our friends virtually. Why not try something different?

Team Building Ideas to Try in 2021

1. Gather.town (Our team favourite)

Gather.town is a site which simulates real life spaces according to your preferred setting. Pick and dress up your unique avatar which will be travelling through the space. Our company uses the office set up on Gather.town and all co-workers come together to decorate our own virtual office. Also, be ready to hold multiple meetings in the same virtual office space and feel free to choose if you want your meeting to be private between two individuals, or open to the rest of your employees to join in. Spending a long period of time within a shared virtual space seems to have helped us develop a shared team identity.

Our favourite features:
(1) Immersing in the virtual space when travelling around in the form of an avatar

(2) Video, voice and screen share functions
(3) Object building from external media can be put into the space
(4) Game rooms for employees to take a break from schedules

Everything just feels so real being in this online space; so similar to how we would interact in our physical workspace.
(Sometimes, we even play a game of catching with one another because the avatar movements are just too smooth!)

2. Item Hunt and Storytelling

You are free to play this on any platform with video and voice functions! Assign a list of objects for your employees to find around their homes. Each round, each team member would have to find one object to show to everyone and tell a personal backstory behind the object.

Telling personal stories is a great way to help teammates open up to one another quickly and at the same time, expanding the range of topics to talk about.

3. Virtual Escape Room

Pre-remote working, we were mostly familiar with the test of our brain juices to figure our way out of physical escape rooms. Today, we no longer need to travel down to such escape rooms since we’re able to experience it online. Though the hunt for clues may not feel as intense, the rush is still felt when working with colleagues over a video call to solve a code puzzle under time constraints.

Think you’re a problem-solver? This virtual game also allows a team to discover the personalities of each co-worker and how our traits can affect our role and communication within the team. It lets us experience under an intense setting, how each employee can be so different, yet we can interact to draft a plan to overcome a problem faced together.

(More shall be discussed in the next blogpost about the rise of virtual escape rooms and its benefits!)

What are some of your team favourites for virtual team building ideas?

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