3 reasons why you need to experience interning at a startup at least once in your uni life

All the big companies you know today were once a startup too

By MatcHub

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When you start your internship search, it’s easy to be influenced by the choices you have. Your school’s career portal might have internship programmes with big, reputable companies like Google, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Deloitte) and JPMorgan Chase.


You’ll probably smile at the thought of putting these big names into your resume, but have you ever considered an internship with a startup


If this is the first time that such a thought has gone into your head, don’t dismiss it too quickly. 

What if one day, perhaps in your final year, you have this amazing, brilliant idea and want to start your own company?


Paul Graham, an American computer scientist, believes that the only way to learn from startups is by watching them in action. Not from classes and books. 


After interning at MNCs and SMEs, why not try interning at startups for a change? Even if you are not interested in becoming your own boss, there are still so many things you can learn from being in one. Here’s 3 reasons why you should try out a startup internship before graduation!

#1. Good Exposure to Different Roles: Discover your Passion

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At larger, more established companies, you will most likely be assigned to one specific role and perform it for the entirety of your internship. 


However, in a startup, the situation is slightly different.


Because startups generally comprise a small group of employees, it means that they often need manpower in many areas. This could be your opportunity to try out roles from different fields, and discover what you really love! You could jump from marketing, to HR, to tech, and more! 


This is especially important because you will have a good advantage over others in knowing what you want. For example, in Singapore, a third of Singaporeans did not consider a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) because they thought they weren’t smart enough.


But how would you know if you’ve never tried it?


One shalt not beest too sure! The flexibility that a startup provides is therefore beneficial to help you discover your passion, and determine whether you have the potential to work in such a field.

#2 Witness your Growth


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When you’re an intern at a large company, you can often become easily forgotten amongst a hundred other interns. You will be given some work to do, but how much of an impact will it make? And how much can you learn?


In contrast, startups ensure that the contributions you make are worthwhile and valuable. This is because projects in a startup, no matter how big or small, will make a significant impact on the company.


If you’re in marketing, you’ll probably see your campaign implemented all over social media. Or if you’re in HR, you can create a new company culture that will keep employees motivated. Your actions will have so much value, how cool is that? 


Watch yourself grow and gain tonnes of new knowledge. The beauty of a startup is that your supervisors are managing fewer interns, and therefore can allocate more time to mentoring you.


Don’t say bojio


On another note, running campaigns and implementing ideas would look great on your resume! It reflects your ability and confidence in adding value to a company, and that’s what employers would love to see


#3  An Informal Approach


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When interning at a startup, due to the small size of the company, it is likely that there will be an informal working culture to adapt to. You’ll be treated like a full time staff, and contribute your ideas to value-add to the company.

It’s not just about being able to wear the hats that you like to work.

Slowly, you’ll feel a strong sense of belonging to the company. The fact that your supervisors and founders are easily approachable is a great advantage. You’ll work much more efficiently as approvals and decisions are made faster.

With a smaller emphasis on hierarchy, you will be able to get along well with the people in the company easily. They can become great networks in the future, and teach you many things about their industry!

Be a Bigger Piece of the Puzzle


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While large companies are beneficial in offering you greater specialization, it would be great to balance it out with one internship experience at a startup. Discover how it’s like to make an impact, and propel yourself forward with your newfound knowledge.

Afterall, all the big companies that you know today must have started from somewhere. Fun fact: AirBnB started with 3 guys who went around renting mattresses, and today, it is a company with a net worth of $10 Billion!

So don’t be afraid of interning at a startup! While it is indeed a path less pedalled, it will unleash the allure of the entrepreneurial spirit and expand your horizons!

If you’re interested in an internship with a startup, register with us now! At MatcHub, it is our mission to match you to an internship that you will love. Learn and discover more about yourself as we help you find your missing puzzle piece! 

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